Protector vs Predator!

Nak share 1 story. This post might be the longest post in my blog i think. Because i want to share this story from A to Z.  Let me label them first. Easier for you nak faham. There are 3 person in this story. A (boy), b (girl) and c (boy).

Story begin with a wonderful love story. Yaddaa yadda! The day pun finally sampai where that A in trouble (that is what he said la ). After that that B came to A's house. Something happened. Life si B ruined in 20 minutes! She cried and she did everything to save her 'life'. Unfortunately she is just a girl. She ran back and cried! Lastly after few hours she decided and kept it as a secret. Reason dia is stigma society. I'll elaborate this on the next post. Only one person je yang tau. Yes that C person. How did he know? Bcs on that day B asked for help. B boleh pikir pasal si C tu je. Back to the story. Tell me which girl yg tak broke into pieces bila dia dah tak ada 'apa-apa'. Dia rasa dah putus asa. At one point she tried to commit suicide.

This is where the worst thing happened! C came and comfort her. C ni bagi moral support. Si B ni fikir she can lean on him. Unfortunately dia salah. Rupanya si C ni nak ambil kesempatan kat si B ni. Dia boleh kata 'kau bukanya anak dara lagi pun. Kau tu sama kotor je dgn jalang2 kat luar sana'. On that time B tu rasa life dia sucks! C buat B tu macam slave. Dia sepak terajang si B tu bila B tu tak nak 'layan' dia. Hampir setahun si B hidup macam tu. Hidup dengan hina. On the early month C bagi moral support, the next month C yang jadi jahanam. How B survive? Yes pretend dia happy and fikir diri dia sama macam si C tu cakap pasal dia.

Month by month, B tak tahan. She cant stand anymore. She fight for herself. Kena sepak terajang, kena pukul, kena ludah. Tu makanan dia setiap kali dia melawan and yes, that is what dia dapat on that night. This time she made a right decision. She took photos of all injuries. Dia kata this time dia takkan teragak agak nak buat report polis. Biar si C yang tanggung kesalahan si A. That time si C dah takut and dia biarkan si B ni. B teruskan hidup. But in her mind 'all men actually a predator'

As i said before and this will always be my personal opinion on this issue. So yaaa. Sexual abuse is something that will change someone's life. It will affect them even into marriage. Sexuality and sex are introduced to them in such horrifying way. It changed their view towards sex and sexuality. The level of damage is indescribable and incomprehensible unless you've been through it.

As a muslim you should protect her! From this story, that girl just want somebody to protect her. Thats all. At first dia rasa macam si C ni nak protect dia. But it turned into shit! Well shit happens! Moral of the story, dont be afraid. If you are on the right side, just do what you shoul do. Put aside about the stigma or what. The main point is between you and Allah. Allah know everything. Jus do your job and let Allah do the other. Believe in Him.

If ada reader yang pernah/dah lalui benda yang sama dengan B, jangan takut untuk lawan balik. Put aside about the stigma, what ppl might say. Trust in Allah. Jangan jadi macam B.

ps: case si B ni dah selesai. Dia pun dh proceed hidup dia secara normal. Doakan dia sembuh dari 'luka-luka' dalam jiwa dia. Orang yang kita nampak happy tu sebenarnya ada 'luka' yang sangat dalam.


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